Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14

Backyard Bird

This fellow pops up from time to time in our backyard..........he's pretty brave and in the past has wandered on to our terrace and into the garage LOL.

I'm caught up!!!!! Woo-Hoo!

March 13

Roadside Geraniums

March 12

Morning Moonlight

We had the beauty of the moon in the sky on our way to school for a few mornings this week.......just before the sun started to rise.

March 11

Birds in Flight

I actually had one flock take off right in front of me.....the photo is so weird though since there was so much movement by the birds and they were soooo close. I was hoping they wouldn't bang into my camera, LOL.

March 10

Signs at Cortez Intersection

March 9

Watching the Sunset

Monday, March 9, 2009

March 8

Command of the Ball

My son recently joined a school basketball team, and I took him to this park to shoot some hoop together.

March 7

Stacey's Ribs

LOL, my favorite recipe......I will share it on my main blog shortly!

March 6

Boats at Historic Spanish Point

Snapped this photo during my son's fourth grade field trip to this historic site.

March 5


March 4

Surf's Up

A cold front came through and really whipped up the surf - very rare around here as the water is usually quite tranquil. Hopefully, this will prove to be the last cold snap of the winter.

March 3

Return From the Groomer

She loves going anywhere...groomer, vet, you name it! She loves her new groomer since lots of dogs are there and she gets to play in the fenced indoor area.

March 2

Beach Dreams Cottage

This is a cottage right on the beach......I thought I would give it a fun b&w effect.

March 1

Add ImageFavorite Sauce

Nothing compares to this awesome sauce.....I haven't made sauce from scratch since I don't know when. It costs more.......usually seven or eight dollars, but it's totally worth it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 28

Morning Fishing

February 27

Sunrise at Longboat Pass

I go over this bridge a gazillion times a day, so it was nice to stop and take in the scenery for once.

February 26


No, not me LOL. I took this from my car window while sitting in sloooow-moving traffic along the beach. Parasailing is hugely popular with the spring break visitors.

February 25

Hibiscus in February

February 24

Taking a Rest

This cracked me up.......usually herons are always standing on their long legs, but not this guy! Photo taken in the grocery store parking lot...these guys love to hang out there.