Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29

Abandoned Boats

There's more boats here than ever before.......maybe they're not even abandoned and just "parked" here?

And yea! I'm caught up!

April 28

No Beach Access Here

I think this access got taken out by some heavy currents and surf......

April 27

Blue Suede Shoes

Well, not really - more like a cheap pair of boy's shoes from Wal-Mart that were spray painted for my son's costume in the school musical Grease. I needed a photo of his shoes for a layout I was working on................

April 26

The Day's End

Uh huh, another sunset photo..........

April 25

Great Capture at Desoto

I don't know what kind of tree or berry this is......but thought it looked like a good shot.

April 24

Bridge Up

And almost always when I'm in a hurry....................

April 23

Yoga on the Beach

I was driving home from bringing my son to school and saw this yoga class in session.....

April 22

Third Place Award

April 21

Speech Contest

The quality of this photo is not parents were sitting way across a huge commons area and the lighting wasn't terrific. I edited this by duplicating the original and then applied a screen mode blend in PSE. I also selected my son's facial area and lightened the shadows that were still present there.

We are so proud of him.....he took third place out of 4th and 5th grades combined!!

April 20


Very creepy and husband and I arrived to watch the speech finals at our son's school and we ended up not once, but twice in lockdown. There was a home invasion in the area, and then there was word that the criminal hit another house just after we had the "all-clear." Needless to say, the speech finals were canceled.

April 19

Please Return

This sign cracks me they mean the guide or from the hike? LOL

April 18

White Bird

This guy is always hanging in our backyard.....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

April 17

Squirrel in the Theater Parking Lot

April 16

Beach Umbrella

April 15

Good Boy

Sometimes I think my dog looks like a stuffed animal, LOL.

April 14

Shrimp Tempura "Sushi"

April 13

Storm Front

April 12

Easter Basket

Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11

After I dropped my son off at tennis, I hit Circle K for my Diet Coke and the Bridge Street Market for Easter dinner veggies.

April 9

Wow - it's Day 100 already!! My son is thrilled that his friend from New Jersey is in town for his spring break...he used to live here for three months when they were younger fellows (and before school became too demanding). Each year they see one another which is wonderful and I hope they keep their friendship going for years to come.

April 8

As a treat, I bring the dogs along when I drop my son off at school - after he's dropped off, we head to DeSoto Memorial Park for a walk (them) and photo-taking (me). This is a Champion Gumbo Limbo tree......a security man informed me of that when he saw me taking pics. It has the right size, and many other features. Blogged it and yep, it is.

April 7

Gah! There's nothing more frustrating than Spring Break traffic least I am going in the opposite direction at the moment. And, I'm taking photos while driving LOL - probably
not a good thing?

April 6

Ah, it's Monday! Back to school for my son, and back to daily
routines for me.......starting with my nonfat iced chai latte!

April 5

Unpacking from the cruise had its positive attributes........well, perhaps just one - I was
inspired to clean and organize my closet!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 4

Back in Miami

April 3

In the H2O Zone

Our son had a blast with a friend he met on the ship.......they spent a couple of hours with the water guns and all the fun sprays and buckets that douse you!

April 2

Labadee, Haiti

This is Royal Caribbean's water playground.........tons of stuff for kids and adults.

April 1

Daily Dose of Miso Soup

While some people, ahem, take advantage of all the food offerings on board, I actually think I eat better because all the work is done for me, especially when it comes to soups and salads. I had a bowl (or two) of Miso Soup for breakfast everyday, along with maybe yogurt or dark bread with cream cheese. And lots of fruit (again, already cut up - love it!!)

March 31

LOW Approach

(St. Maarten) Okay, this was really cool. Instead of shopping or sunning, we hired a taxi to take us to Maho Beach which is right next to the approach to the runway at Princess Juliana. We watched several twin engines come in, and then here was US Airways from Philly. When jets take off, the force is so great that people in the path get blown with sand.

March 30

Cathedral de San Juan

March 29

Pinot Grigio

We really lucked out for our dining room table on this cruise - a nice table right by the window!!

March 28

Leaving the Port of Miami

Well, here we go! Off to San Juan, St. Maarten, and Labadee, Haiti. All the cars traveling by our ship on I-395 to Miami Beach were all honking.

March 27

A Lilly Pulitzer Jeep?

It is indeed........if you look to the left in the photo, you will see the Lilly Pulitzer store.

March 26

Spring Afternoon in Florida

The draw bridge was up as I ventured out to pick up my son from school - I had my camera so I took some photos.

March 25

Shopping for the Cruise

March 24


My son goes through books so quickly that I'm going to the library instead of book stores! I hope this latest batch will at leastget him through our upcoming vacation.

March 23

4th Grade Project - Thurgood Marshall

March 22

Adirondack Chairs

I LOVE these plastic Adirondack chairs that I picked up at the hardware store! Fun colors, too.

March 21

Another Night, Another Performance

March 20

Cool Dude

Dressed up for his "Blue Suede Shoes" gig in the All-School Musical "Grease."

March 19

Grease Dress-Up Day

In preparation for the all-school musical, the kids got to dress up.

March 18

Time for a Pedicure

March 17

Healthy Veggie Roast

This came out great!! I used kale, onions, yukon gold potatoes, and baby bok choy.

March 16

Art Show

March 15

Lunch on the Run

With dress rehearsal on this Sunday, my son and I grabbed a quick lunch at McDonald's.

I know I'm far behind in posting due to getting ready for vacation and then going on vacation......but I will try to get them up as quickly as I can.