Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31

Goodbye 2009!

Well, this is it. I DID IT!!!!! I got through the entire year and it is so much fun to look back over each day as the year progressed. Some days were a little lame (LOL) and there were probably too many sunsets (I can take those while multi-tasking such as checking homework AND making dinner thanks to where I live), and others are truly keepsakes that represent 2009.

There's a couple of great ladies from across the pond who have followed my blog and always commented - you know who you are and I thank you so much!! ♥♥♥

This was the year that I said I would start my business - and I did! My photography business really took off and I appreciate my wonderful friends who provided the word-of-mouth. You all are awesome. ♥

I'm about to start a new Project 2010 - I *think* it will be weekly and will highlight food photography as well as a recipe. Link is HERE

I should have the site ready in a few days :)

A very Happy New Year to everyone!!! (And it's my wedding anniversary - 12 years! ♥)

♥ Stacey

December 30

December 30 Sunset

And it's a beauty!

December 29

Last Portrait of 2009

December 28

Sea Oats Silhouette

I captured this by kneeling in front of the natural preserve area just off my lower terrace that separates us from the Gulf of Mexico. Like I've mentioned so many times - I just love the sky this time of the year!

December 27

Glued to Bakugan

And getting your parents to play.

December 26

My New Shootsac (Thank you Santa!)

December 25

Glee Under the Tree

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 24

Off to All Children's Hospital Docs....

Yeah, you didn't expect this one for Christmas Eve! My son has had fainting/dizzy spells since August, probably due to the fact that he doesn't drink enough. It was the last spell at school that sent us scrambling to his ped (and it wasn't sports related) and he in turn referred us to the wonderful Pediatric Cardiology group out of All Children's Hospital in St. Pete. So we had a 9am appointment......took 50 minutes to get there...not bad. All the tests they could do there (EKG and ultrasound) were normal - now we go back for a stress test on Jan 4.

And......I probably shouldn't take photos WHILE driving over the Sunshine Skyway LOL. Just really glad there weren't any "jumpers," as Christmas Eve is a *popular* day I think. Too many sad souls jump from this bridge.

December 23

MORE Holiday Bokeh

This one is good!! Love all the fuzzy circles. Used my Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 and had it completely wide open.

December 22

Holiday Bokeh 3

I didn't open my lens wide enough on this one, needless to say. But there's a bit of bokeh.

December 21

Holiday Bokeh 2

This was taken during daylight hours......same ornament as last night. Nice blur, but not enough "fuzzy" circles.

December 20

Holiday Bokeh 1

Ahhh, here begins my quest to capture a bokeh background. Bokeh refers to the out-of-focus area, usually in the background, that gets rid of background distractions and helps your subject to stand out. This one is okay, not great.

December 19

Tree at Night

December 18

School Holiday Party

Kind of a goofy pic, lol, all the kids were jumping and dancing around. My son had failed to inform me that he could wear jeans today....oh well. He's not a jeans guy anyway. :D

December 17

Holiday Greetings

December 16

Big Red Door

I didn't have a photo for today, so this is from Dec 11 - hubby and I finally signed the closing papers for our other house on Anna Maria which is a major Christmas present. We met at my son's school (since I volunteered there that day) and I had him snap a few pics of me at the beautiful church that is adjacent to the school.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 15

Holiday Gym Jam

An annual holiday event at school - and here you are with your French horn. NOT an easy instrument to play, but you have really improved!

December 14

*W* Girls Photo Shoot

And what a gorgeous day! The sun was so strong, though, as it was beginning to go down. The girls were troopers (and their two golden retrievers, too!).

December 13

Tree is *Almost* Decorated

December 12

Most Improved Player Award

We are SO proud of our son......his improvement was definitely noteworthy. His dedication, including being at every match and nearly every practice, truly paid off. Way to go!!!! This was at the Holiday Awards Ceremony (yes, parents had to get out there on the courts, too - that's why I'm in tennis attire, too, lol).

December 11

Bring on the Christmas Decorations!

I'm a little behind on decorating because I'm desperately trying to finish up gifts that involve photographs. Memo to self - start earlier next year! :D

December 10


LOL do you like my original image names? Fog? Rain? Actually, we've had two crappy days of tennis for my son today although it had stopped raining when I picked him up at school. Good for me - needed to get things done at home without making another round trip to and from town! :D

December 9


December 8

December 8 Sunset

December 7

D Family Photo Shoot

This is such a beautiful family (on the inside as well! :D ). If you'd like to see a few more of their photos, please click HERE to go to my blogsite.

December 6


December 5

Morning Sky

December 4

What a Face!

December 3


LOL this is the fellow that hangs around my house. My pups sent him into an annoyed flight off to safer ground. I used the Golden Vintage action from Coffeeshop Photography.

December 2

Moon Before Dawn

I thought this was pretty with the bit of mist or sea fog in the air.....gave an ethereal look to the moon.

December 1

Tennis Practice

My son has tennis practice two times a week from 4-6, which means it's already dark out by the time I pick him up. At least it's not cold. :D

November 30

November 30 Sunset

November 29

Mom & Dad

November 28

Senior Shoot, Part 2 (Formals)

Such a handsome guy! This was his favorite shot out of the formals.

November 27

Waiting for Harry Potter.....Universal Orlando

November 26

Soaked from River Adventure at Universal Orlando

Instead of spending Thanksgiving at home, we decided this year to go to Universal Orlando instead! It was a great way to get out of cooking, lol, and the Hard Rock had a gorgeous buffet with all of the traditional (and not so traditional) Thanksgiving dishes.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

November 25

Grandparent "Conference"

Yes, I'm using an additional photo from yesterday! We were busy getting ready to head to Universal Studios in Orlando, so I didn't get a photo. But this one is awesome from yesterday - really showcases a wonderful moment as they discuss academics.

November 24

Grandparents Day 2009

This is a wonderful, annual event! I'm always behind the camera at my photo station taking photos of many of the kids and their grandparents - but did manage to get the one with my son and his grandparents!!

November 23

November 23 Sunset

November 22

Boys on the Beach

November 21

A Celebration

November 20

If you are going from last to first photos, please humor me by immediately scrolling down to November 17's post and work backwards to today's post without glancing at today's. No, not even a peek!!!

Day Four - Sandblaster Castles Event

Ta-da! They are finished - sorry for the dreary day, but aren't these artists talented? The display stays up for about three weeks which usually slows traffic down as people look, but it's great work on their part. Rudolph is my second favorite classic Christmas special, right behind Charlie Brown Christmas.

November 19

Day Three - Sandblaster Castles Event

Almost done! Do you recognize these sand characters yet? :D

November 18

Day Two - Sandblaster Castles Event

As is the way every year, these guys build FAST!! If you followed the instructions on November 20's post to scroll down and start on November 17 for these few pictures (LOL), can you tell what the theme this year is yet?

November 17

Day One - Sandblaster Castles Event

Yep, not much here except for a big pile of sand that was trucked in, along with many other small piles as you can see in the background. This is a yearly event - pro sandcastle builders come in and do a huge themed display, and then various groups in the local community come in on a designated Saturday and take part in building their own creations! I took these photos each morning on the way home from dropping my son off at school....but didn't head down to the actual event because there are SO many people.

November 16

November Sky & Sea

There's something about this time of the year....the milky sky, the sea fog lurking offshore a few miles.... all makes for a beautiful landscape.

November 15

Sunset November 15

Wow, is this a gorgeous set or what? It seems as though the best sunsets occur during the months of November and December here.

November 14

Senior Shoot at the Sailing Squadron

November 13

(Only) Looks Like Autumn

No autumn here, lol, but with the sunlight on the background trees, it almost looks like fall foliage.

And yes, I do not have a photo for Nov 12, lol. Oh well. :D

Monday, December 21, 2009

November 11

In for a Landing