Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 18

White Hibiscus

Well, for us Florida folks, the leaves don't turn colors - but flowers still bloom!

October 17

Wet Little Dog

My son went to a birthday party this afternoon - a pool party - and this poor little dog was so wet from all the splashing!

October 16

First Appearance

My son's first official Halloween event was supposed to be this evening at his tennis club....however, just as we pulled into the parking lot, it started pouring! Not good, since it's held outdoors on the courts. :(

October 15

Family Photos

I have a lot of framed photos in my home - thought I would take a quick picture before I take them down temporarily to make room for our Haunted Village.

October 14

Sunset October 14

I love when the colors are soft like this, instead of a glaring sunset.

October 13

Workshop Binder

I'm taking an intensive photography workshop starting in January - the empty binder just arrived in the mail today for the course. Very nice!

October 12

Sunrise October 12

October 11

Lush Walkway

This is up at the other house - checking on the new flowering buhses that I put in.

October 10

Nap Time

October 9

Homework on Friday

I love how my son starts his weekend homework right away on a Friday afternoon instead of waiting until late Sunday to get it done. :D It's his choice.....

October 8

Starbucks Drive-Thru

October 7

Latest Book

October 6

Bridge Up (and on the way to school, grrr)

October 5

October 5 Sunset

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 4

Portrait 9

October 3

S-Family Shoot

October 2

Dynamic Duo

They hardly ever get a chance to go down to the beach (not allowed :( by the town) but there's also red ants and picky plants to worry about.

October 1

Sunset Jump

September 30

Bay View

I had to get a bit of landscaping done up at the other house...took a break and enjoyed the great view and breeze.

September 29

Proscuitto-Avocado Sandwich

September 28


September 27

Paintball Attack (G & P B'Day Party)

September 26

Tennis Break

September 25

September 25 Sunset

September 24

Leisure Time

September 23

Portrait 8