Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 24

Off to All Children's Hospital Docs....

Yeah, you didn't expect this one for Christmas Eve! My son has had fainting/dizzy spells since August, probably due to the fact that he doesn't drink enough. It was the last spell at school that sent us scrambling to his ped (and it wasn't sports related) and he in turn referred us to the wonderful Pediatric Cardiology group out of All Children's Hospital in St. Pete. So we had a 9am appointment......took 50 minutes to get there...not bad. All the tests they could do there (EKG and ultrasound) were normal - now we go back for a stress test on Jan 4.

And......I probably shouldn't take photos WHILE driving over the Sunshine Skyway LOL. Just really glad there weren't any "jumpers," as Christmas Eve is a *popular* day I think. Too many sad souls jump from this bridge.


  1. I wish your son all the best.

    Hard to believe that that is such an abused a nice bridge for such terrible things ....

    I wish you a healthy peaceful 2010.

  2. *LOL* you are so busy blogging your shots in the last days of 2009 - I´m not fast enough to visit and answer... *smile*

    But I love to see each of your pictures - you are a great photographer

    wonderful picture of the bridge - sad that such terrible things happened there.

    Love your different shots of the christmas tree decoration and thanks for your tips and informations

    Hope everything is and will be ok with your son.

    Happy New Year and all the best wishes for you and your family

  3. From all the pictures that you took, this one is my favorite! nice eye! :)